Through my work with both and, I get asked many questions over and over about ministry candidates.

After the character/walk with Christ questions, there are a few that seem to make the top of the list. The questions are similar for a 21 year-old resident as they are a 32 year-old ministry leader. If you are thinking about taking your next step in ministry in 2018, ask yourself these. What are your answers? Does your resume, the stories you tell, and your current supervisor see your track record similarly?

// What have they built/started?
// What have they led?
// What was the shape of the ministry they inherited and how did they leave it?
// Do they hustle, have passion? Do they have drive?
// Are they coachable/teachable?
// Do they understand themselves with tools like the enneagram, DISC, Strength Finders, or Thinking Wavelengths?
// Do people follow / do they show signs of being an influencer?
// Do people want to hang out with them?
// Will they engage in conflict or are they a peacemaker? Can they resolve the conflict they have gotten in to?
// Can they think strategically about complex situations and systems?

The end of a calendar year is a great time to get a truth-telling friend or co-worker and do some self-evaluation. Even if you are staying put in 2018, a few hours of this is good for your own development.