Senior and Executive Pastors tend to say one of three things when the topic of residency comes up:

1.) “We tried that once. It worked for a season, but then went in to decline. One of our staff was tasked to do the recruiting and it overwhelmed them. We didn’t find good candidates.”
You need to fish in different ponds. Did you know Leadership Pathway can do a nationwide residency search for about as cheaply as you can send a couple of staff on a Seminary tour over one weekend? You believe you have a good program, but you can’t find good candidates…we can help with that!

#2.) “My staff tells me it's too much work. They’re not sure what to do."
A full engagement with Leadership Pathway gives you access to their Guidebook. This coaching material is designed to walk with your staff and their resident over the coming two years. It provides monthly reading suggestions, and coaching helps to have developmental conversations

3.) “We already have a killer internship program.”
We’d simply ask, have the last few interns gone on to have fruitful ministry careers? If you, or another dynamic church, have hired them on to a ministry all means just keep doing what you’re doing! Normally it’s here that we ask if we can steal what you have to use in our program!

 If the first two sound a little familiar, we'd love to talk more with you at Leadership Pathway.